30 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Japanese Rose

There is a plant in front of my window. As I was thought when I was child its name is Japanese Rose. I checked in the internet today and I found out it is not the Japanese Rose...Nevertheless I will find her real name and I will share her picture with you...I say her because its feminen being for me.

My Japanese Rose

Many years ago İlhan Selçuk who was writer and journalist wrote an article about Japanese Rose. Ofcourse my plant appeared in my mind than...

So when ever I saw that plant I remember him...I send my love and light to him.

He was saying in his article so that this plant is so courageous and survives in every possible condition. It passionately catches on life . It even blossoms in the winter...Infact the plant was his mirror. He was explaining his personality...He was really strong soul.

So for me she loves all beings unconditionally and deeply...She wants to share her love and beauty with everyone in everytime where ever is possible. She is aware so that she is a gift to all our life and she just keep smiles us in cold and hard days...She gives warmth and hope to our hearts...We keep going with her soft smiles and touches...If a little plant can doing so much than imagine how human being contribute to all...We can do wonders in our lifes and others with our open heart...We just have to be in the moment and be channel of unconditional love as the little plant do. There should be no fear in our hearts , no emotional negative backgrounds means being neutral to all happening, no worries , no pain...Just being completely in the moment and feel joy in our heart...We should live with open mind and open heart. Time to give up all our limitations...

I love ''my plant'' and I am thankful for her being so she remembers me how I should stand on this beatiful earth.

Animals, plants , trees and all part and parcel of nature are mirror to remember...Listen them with your heart they will tell you your secrets...You will feel more love in your heart and all others after words. And hopefully realize there is only love and oneness...

When ever see a Japanese Rose please smile to her...She is just there for loving you...

with love

The Blue Mermaid

26 Aralık 2010 Pazar

Spirit Of The Wild Woman

Dream about me
As a goddess who’s eyes are shinning with full of light
Which comes from the spirit of the wild woman
Give yourself to my secret which holds the soul of life
Give yourself to me like you never gave yourself to anyone
I want you to touch the sea within me
Which is in love with the sea inside you
Waterfalls and seas should fall out from inside me
With the drunkenness of accepting your being
Wishing you to loose yourself with the taste of my sea
O dear lover
And find the sea inside you

Blue Flight

I became the water and the fire
Fire drop by drop falls into my heart
It burns and purifies and makes more me within me
I removed the dress so called body
And reached the place where you are
Become naked next to you
I stand in front of you as being a self in you and everywhere
I want you to see me as love and light
Us to reach each other without any fear
I want you to hear the rhythm of my heart
Us to catch the rhythm of our hearts
I want you to smell the strong fragrant flowers within me
And feel dizzy with rejoicing
Than you to become naked
Stand in front of me as being a self in me and everywhere
Than touching each other with all our being
And taste the sea of our love

Waiting For Love


Open the doors of your heart
To my love and light said my soul
When I see you for the first time
I accepted you within me silently
Your light touched my heart
Your love flowed in to all my being
My heart opened and became a beatiful red rose
Than the love became water inside me
Rose up and wanted to flow back to your heart
I became river and than the sea
Than just like that I flowed in to your heart
When the water and patient come together
No stone can resist their power
When the doors of your heart will be opened o dear lover
When the sea in your heart will accept the sea inside my heart
I want to become more and grow deep
To become one with you
I want to melt and get lost in the ocean of love
Than find our hands lips and eyes again
Please remove all barriers and open the doors of your heart
To love and light
Be sure o dear lover
I await at your door step your hands lips and eyes

Dance Of The Waves

O lightful sea
You know my heart belongs to you
Wishing your movement will prufiy my heart
And my heart to be full with your light
Imagine my heart as precious cub
Holding the nectar of charming love
I want to offer this nectar to you
And you to drink the love drop by drop from my heart
Than become drunk in my arms with the rejoicing
To rise with you on the wings of love
Please accept me in to your heart and your depth
O great lover

The Woman

O lover
Spread the stars you have collected from the sky to my hair
Offer me necklaces and bracelets
Colored my lips and cheeks with the red self of pomegranate
Wash my hand with cool water with jasmine fragrant
Unfold a carpet made of colorful flowers to my bare feet
Touch my skin and stroke it with beautiful fragrant oils
Breath out your breath to my chest and join your breath to mine
Mix your water to mine so that your self becomes my self
With the compassion of love stroke my hair with your lightful hands
Give kisses with butterfly touching to my eyes
I am your woman whom
The source of life and the creator
I found you and reached you
Come and take my heart to endless blueness
Dance with me until the end of time with the attendance of starts
And our light enlighten the hearts of the lovers on the earth

Prayer For God

I want to see your love
Hearing your love
Tasting your love
Touching your love
Breathing your love
My body shakes with your touches like earthquakes
When your lips touch my lips
Your breath turn in to a storm within me
Kisses you have given to my body
Feed the fire of your love in me
When your hands as being twin doves
Touch my buds which are the fountain of life
Warm rivers spring out from deep inside of me
When we unite my pre self dies in you
And I smile to new self when we separate again
The seas inside us make love and unite
I love to re born in your arms
Love is a divinely feeling
O God please allow me to love
You within the lover

Love Became Bird

Dream every night
Let me become a bird and flies far away
Than landed near by your window suddenly
Watching you all night long while you are in sleep
When sun embraces all lovers
Slowly opening your eyes
Just like that I watch you to wake up
Than you remove your cloths
As being water I stroke your body
Than I wash all the fears from your heart
Becoming a silk cloth
Wrapping you with compassion
Kissing and loving you deeply
You wake up suddenly from this dream
Finding a bird feather near your pillow
Realizing my deep love for you
And knowing your destiny to me
Tell me great lover
When your heart will have wings
And turn in to a bird
Flying in to the lovers arms

Love Being

Desire plants the seed of ecstasy in our heart
The heart should not be afraid of the journey of life
From pain and disappointment
Because the one who is love and beautiful
Would come back to its warm home
From lonely moors
Flame of the searching desire grounded in our hearts
Fire in hearts
Gradually make mature and freed with patience
The heart of the owner
When the time arrive that heart flies away
To deep blue of the sky
With the longing of eternity and oneness

Praying To The Sea

Every time I take you inside me in my dreams
I woke up as changed one ever day
More myself and more free
And as you give yourself to me
You become more within yourself
I am lost in you baby
Every time I am one with you
I experience re birthing
Finding myself again
Breathing and existing
Our hearts melt within each other
And become purified in the fire of love
I wish your heart would speak to me
I know it has many things to tell
Your heart is starving for singing for ages
I came near to your shore o great sea
For relieving of the centenary hunger of your heart
Please accept this mermaid burnt in your love
To your arms and heart

Drunk In Love

Make love with me o dear lover
When the sun rising
Under the golden lights of the sun
On our naked bodies which
Became bronze statues from antic ages
Let us release our waters inside us
Become one with our tears and laughs
Fly to the moon with our wings
Than watch the lovers on the earth
Make love on the sun rising
Let us flow as like rivers comes from
Our hearts by singing love songs
Drink the nectar of love
Comes from our fountain of love
Getting drunk by the intensity of our love
With the joy of the day we become one
I am waiting you o dear lover
The name of the journey is patience and peace now
My heart is in fire and
Please do not be late
My heart is burning and turning in to ashes
With the fire inside it
Time has arrived for the unity

Dance Of The Colors

You entered my life many years ago
With all your colors
I lived with your colors without you many years
Your colors colored my dreams feelings fears and desires
My heart was bathed with your colors
I became your colors
I became you o dear lover
You will find yourself within me
And I will find myself within you
We become more together and flow
In the colourful cycle of the universe
With our large hearts full of love
Let us walk together on the life journey
Hand in hand eye to eye
Spreading lights joys and colors all around

The Sea Inside My Heart

While I was thinking about you next to the sea
My heart become a large sea
Now when the life make me tried
I simply watch my heart
And see a clear deep blue sea within my heart
Than I smile to the life and all around me
With hopefull eyes
I am waiting a man who has a sea in his heart
He carries a limitless and deep heart
With his heart full of joy and ecstasy
Whom gives peace and satisfaction to people
Come near his shores
They say water knows water
And sea recognizes the sea
Now my heart flows with the ecstasy
For the meeting moment with my man

24 Aralık 2010 Cuma

Wonderful Life ''Black'' and Wellcoming 2011

I just listened this song again on radio than inspried for below message...

I do not remember since how many years I play a game with myself...

When ever I need kind of a courage or support and/or feel sad , tired etc I hear this song where every I am...Sometimes it comes up when I am up too...

This could be in the car, shopping center , cafe even in flights ...It comes on my way and lift me up again...I take a deep breath and smile again...Simply keep going...

2010 has been very hard sometimes , beatiful in general , challenging mostly, joyful very often, inspring almost every moment...It was full of love and longing ...Nevertheless I loved it and I say good bye to 2010 from deep of my heart...It prepared us for 2011 in great ways...

I thank you all of you whom were taking a role with me on this stage...Yes, only reality in life is the experience which we can mature and evolve...There is nothing good or bad , right or wrong...

Life is really wonderful as Black says and no need to regret or feel fear for anything...Our experiences are our contribution in life ...As we all know the name of the game is learning unconditional love...

There is only a week to 2011 and it is time to leave all the past and regrets pains disappointments worries anger and open a new page ...I want to create a new life and a new me...I know there are lots of people feeling like me...We feel this in our cells...May be because of this is our role on this stage...Who knows?

It is not because we are not happy with our lifes or ourself...Infact I beleive who ever feels deep love for themself can feel courage to move a higher self... This is the misunderstanding about the new and still resist to chance...Acoording to them accepting new is saying that they are not happy what they have...No...It is opposite in fact...

So we are all pregrant to new human and new world...In another words a new awarness on earth...So by leaving the past and opening our heart to love and light whatsoever life brings to us and surely forgiving ourself and others , we can take our higher part on this game...This is the right time to make a choice with our free will.

It is a great game and as being little children we love playing games so let us do it...Don't we?

Let us create a new world on earth which is full of love light peace happiness abundance... Every human is very important for this dream...Whatsoever collectively we dream and desire comes down to our reality...This is a scientific fact...

So you can start by choosing a song for yourself today if you beleive in this dream...Be ready it will come and find you when ever you need it...

With love

The Blue Mermaid

22 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Blue Meeting

Blue is calling me
My heart became large
With the extasy and the passion
I dive to the depth of my heart
I breath in blue
From deep far deep
This is a world I never known
I hear sounds never heard before
I see things never saw before
Blue takes me inside itself
I find another self within the blue in me
Known self melt in this inner sea
I love myself again
I wish you meet me in this blue o greatlover
We swim away within the ocean of joy
Towards to the blue horizons which we are all withdrawn

Destiny Of The Water

I live purplish blue coloured days
All around me the sound of the water
Inside me outside me my right and left are water
Water cools my mind down
My heart gets softer
My feelings spread away
With the flow of the water
I do not want to hold and I can not hold my feelings
Becoming more human
And more woman
Not far I know
I am completing myself
With the wisdom of the water salty fragrance
Know that life is beatiful
You are beatiful o great lover
The water in your heart touched my heart
And now
Waters call my name
My destiny is to go with the water
Give me your hand o great lover
We flow together to the heart of the universe

Song Of A Hope

All I want to be near you
Look in to your eyes and breathe in your fragrance
Through your eyes I fly away to eternity
Through your fragrance I touch my soul
I just wanted to experience your being in each moment
Become one with you and flood with your being
You are not able to know all these things o dear lover
You are not also aware of the treasure in your heart
I wished you can hear your heart
And take courages steps on the life road
And very that point we can understand
Why we met in the flow of life
And what how we can feed each others being
Untill that time I only have to watch
The play of the life with hopefull eyes

To Became A Water

The water in my heart is about the flood
Not to want or can to hold it in its borders anymore
I became water today
Which do not know any border and can be everywhere
The river inside me want to flow towards your heart
And only trough your heart wants to connect with universe
Said that water attracks water
Hidden river is in your heart I know
Allow me o dear lover
We flow together with ecstasy
To the heart of the universe
Eye to eye
Hand to hand

Born Again

Talk to me o dear lover
Tell me about
Your thoughts your feelings
Your dreams your fears
Your imaginations
My soul finds peace within your words
With the tone of your voice
In the depth of your eyes
My heart got bathed with the love
Born again from my soul and risen
Love and light is fulled inside
Greatful for your being
O dear lover

Happiness On The Wing Of A Dove

Long for very long time I have been waiting
I kept the love inside me
My heart expanded to its borders
And now it can not stay in itself
Please allow me to love you
Let me kiss and touch you
When I am next to you
My heart is flying with happiness like a dove
Which wants to fly far away
To the places no one knows

Prufied With Love

I opened my eyes with the daylight
Love flowers in my hands
My past on one side of me
And my future on my other side
The joy and calmness of today is in side me
Walk said my heart just walk
Not fear but with courage walk
Your future is waiting for you
Walking by freeing yourself from
The pain and disappointments
Of your past within your hands
Because you will find your Real Self
You have been searching for ages
Now time to love with you Real Self
Time to get purified with love and rising

Flow Of The Heart

Open the doors of your heart
To the love and light of the universe
Purify the love inside you drop by drop
In the depth of your heart
You will see your real self
No other one
Than you will start loving with your inner being
Rivers of love will flow out from you
All around you
They say the water knows where to go
Than you will flow
The heart of your real love
Just like that without knowing

Peace With Pink

Today I opened my eyes to a pink world
My dreams feelings desires
Were in pink as much as they can be
All around me were pink
I made peace with my feminity today
I watch my pink self on the mirror for a long time
Tears appeared in my eyes and a big shining smile
I have been in love this pink woman
From a very long time


I saw in your eyes chaos of life
You try to understand me
Reach me
I say no need to rush
Hand of Life will give you what you need and seek
Just accept her guidance to you
I am a woman who wants to love
And give love only
The love I have been hiding
In the bottom of my heart for all my life
So simple I am so simple
So close to you as your dreams
So far as your fears
Please do not think of us
Just try to listen and understand your heart
When your heart speaks to you
You will understand yourself , me and the whole
Than we will experience oneness in joy and peace

19 Aralık 2010 Pazar

To The Man In My Dreams

You entered my life with your blue smile
Your heart touched my heart
My heart blossomed
I saw myself in the depth of your eyes
A little timid girl whom is hungary for love
With your touches storms appeared in my deserts
My rivers flooded with your kisses
Hands of life were generous to us
And it woke up us from orange colored dreams
Wellcome to my life
The lover of my purple days

The Sea In My Dreams

I hide sea shells under my pillow
Since I am in love with the sea
Only there is sea in my dreams now
I become one with the sea in my dreams
The sea gives cool kisses to my skin
It embrace my body with love each time
I feel freedom love and ecstasy
I open my heart entirely
The sea smiles to me
Than like a cool water compassion flows in to me from its eyes
For feeding the sea inside me
The sea inside me flow towards to it with passion
My wild soul cool down
We spend peaceful hours in our arms
While we taste the fruits of rejoicing
Greatful for your being o lover of my dreams

Making Love With The Colors

I made love with your colors in my dream
Your blue slowly kissed my eyes
Whispered love words to my ears with passion
Your green wrapped me and pulled over me to itself with desire
Your red kissed my lips with ecstasy
My breath was taken away for a moment
Your orange was inside me and outside
It added myself to me with the shakes slowly
In the beginning than very strong shakes
Than your purple painted all my body
My body shine in purple with joy
Me colorful in all your colors
Became one and white
Light and Love
Flowed into each other for endless times

A Dream of A Feminen Night

Hurried sunset on an island in the Aegean Sea
Wind in my hair
My feet on the colorful small stones
Cool loving sea is touching them
My cells drink drop by drop
Come with your voice
From the river of love flooded from your heart
Hurried sunset on an island in the Aegean Sea
A Glass of wine I my hand
And moirés are dancing in it
Than I saw you in the glass
Drinking you sup by sup
You become me in each sip
I become you in each breath
All our cells kiss and make love with extasy
We become one in each embraces
A seagull is flying on above
The wings of love touched our hearts
Flowers with delicately sweet fragrance open up in us
Within the gardens reach to the eternity
Lyre spreads the tone of love to the sea
All the way long purplish blues
Became breathless for a moment
Hurried sunset on an island in the Aegean Sea

16 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

The Man Comes From The Sea

You came to my life this morning
With the wind comes from the sea
I was waiting for you on the shore
First we recognized each other within the depth of our eyes
Than we touched each other with a warm smile
You gifted me a necklace
Made of blue sea weeds and white sea shells
I was lighted in every part of my being
I hold your hands
I poured water with rose fragrance to your hands
I gave you a hot soup and bread
The bread was so hot and soft
You smiled
May be you remembered a nice memory
I became happy and I smiled too
You were too tired
Than I prepared a clean soft lavander fragrant bed
You slept quickly
I watched you when you were sleeping
Very long time
I breathe in the smell of the sea from your being
Listened the sound of your breathing
Slowly kissed the lines on your face
I watched the movement of your eye lashes
Your heart was beating with the rhythm of a peaceful baby
Love and light with full warm felt in me
I was waiting for this moment all my life
Waited the man comes from the sea
Who has the large heart as like sea
Now the sea is calling me
And time to become a mermaid
Than I slowly come to your shores

15 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Hoya Cornasa(*)

Hoya Cornasa is the symbol of my first love
I know it dried away from a long time ago
But its spirit is rooted at the bottom of my heart
It srings out for love every spring with obstinacy
Full of hope and ecstasy
Gives pink smiles all around with
The flirtatious dimples on her cheeks
To life hope and love

• Hoya Carnosa is a tropical plant

14 Aralık 2010 Salı

As Starting My Blog

Hello to everyone

I want to share my feelings and my ideas inspired from the flow of life and surely my poems and also my stories which are published in this blog.

I can not promise to write everyday but I will try to be connected with you as much as possible.

Internet is a great tool to express our hearts and lights.

I hope we all join our hearts and lights for the new world one day.

With love

Funda Erdemir (The Blue Mermaid)

Risen in Love

The rivers inside me want to run towards you
My winds want to run all around you
I am not the same one anymore
My eyes my soul and my hands want to be one with you
I became free from my borders
I became one with you and the all
Under the witness of universe
I have not fallen in love o beloved one
I have risen in love with you

13 Aralık 2010 Pazartesi

You Became Sea

Deep blue sea in your heart
Has no limits and generous
I am in love with this sea
I want to melt in this sea and become One with it
To experience all being with you
Until the end of time
By shinning with light and love
Only to flow


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