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My India - Wellcoming Ceremony for Unborn Child

This is about one of my most beatiful experince in India. A great traditional celebration in Maharastra...May be in other states too?

It was September 1999. Just 12 years ago...


We were invited for this special celebration in Mumbai.

It is called "Dohal Jeevan"...It is a wellcoming ceremony for unborn child.

After the first three months of pregnancy or after a month later from the birthday this ceremony can take place.

It is a kind of a big banquet specially for the pregnant woman...Mother and for the baby.

She chooses all the foods as she likes. Than all women from neigbourhood or family cook specialy for her and her baby. My sister in law was also in the ceremony and she cooked very great food too.


All married women offer to mother's hand with a special ritüel, coconut , piece of cloth with good quality for to be stiched as a blouse as part of sari dress , some fruits and hand full of rice with turmeric. Golden or silver gifts are also given to little child.

Everthing has symbolic meaning in India. And I love to play around with symbols...You can guess how greatful time I had there...

By this offerings symbolicly , married women share their abundance , femininen qualities and purity within them with the new mother. Full of good wishes and prays...

The most imazing part of this ceremony for me was the new mother's dressing and her decoration.

She was wearing her most beatiful sari and her hair was over her shoulder...All her hair, hands and feet were decorated with jasmine flowers ... Also she was wearing a special thick belt made of flowers so that the baby inside her was honored with its being. She was wearing a crown made of flowers too...Just like a queen...

So her feminity, fertility and the fruit of her being inside her womb were honoured by all women.

This is wellcoming ceremony for the baby for him or her to have a joyful life.

Such a great start!

Indian people are very wise and mature people...I feel like they all know the secrets of all this play on the earth.

Well I got pregnant to my first son in Puna...When the baby was almost 4 months I got this ceremony offered by elder married Indian women...

Your heart becomes full of joy and love with the love they reflect to you.

If you think that the some researchers say the emotionel or energitic body of the baby starts from 2 months ago of the insemination than this ceremony means alot for baby's pschological development.

With love,

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