25 Eylül 2011 Pazar

A Lightful Dream ( Dec 2010)

A woman and a man were riding white horses next to the big ocean during the sunset. They were naked as they were in the wild days of the earth.

Their hearts were in complete joy and their laughings were rising up to sky...They were enjoying the wind, the ocean , the sun , the clouds and the seagulls...

The seagulls were racing with them and they were laughing too...

Than suddenly their bodies transformed in to the golden white light while they were still riding on the horses.

After some time these lights started to fly over the ocean to far far aways...

Than started to climb up to the sky and they were dancing and revolving around each other.

Both lights came back to earth after they traveled the universe in a few seconds and directly dived in to the big ocean.

They went down to the ocean base and there was a crystal pyramid waiting for them.

Both lights entered the pyramid and suddenly the pyramid started to shine like a star.

After that the pyramid started to rise up to the surface of the ocean.

Even up to sky...

Infact there were many pyramids in all over the world . The ones rose up from the deep of the oceans to blue sky in full of light . Shining like stars!

Than all pyramids had connected to each other with strong light beams.

Than a miracle happened...

The total view of the world has changed in to very original form .

All elements were completely purified as the first day of earth.

All animals were free as they used to be.

People on the earth were lightful beings and just loving and sharing.

The peace , joy , love and harmony were in the air!

with love

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