30 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

Japanese Rose

There is a plant in front of my window. As I was thought when I was child its name is Japanese Rose. I checked in the internet today and I found out it is not the Japanese Rose...Nevertheless I will find her real name and I will share her picture with you...I say her because its feminen being for me.

My Japanese Rose

Many years ago İlhan Selçuk who was writer and journalist wrote an article about Japanese Rose. Ofcourse my plant appeared in my mind than...

So when ever I saw that plant I remember him...I send my love and light to him.

He was saying in his article so that this plant is so courageous and survives in every possible condition. It passionately catches on life . It even blossoms in the winter...Infact the plant was his mirror. He was explaining his personality...He was really strong soul.

So for me she loves all beings unconditionally and deeply...She wants to share her love and beauty with everyone in everytime where ever is possible. She is aware so that she is a gift to all our life and she just keep smiles us in cold and hard days...She gives warmth and hope to our hearts...We keep going with her soft smiles and touches...If a little plant can doing so much than imagine how human being contribute to all...We can do wonders in our lifes and others with our open heart...We just have to be in the moment and be channel of unconditional love as the little plant do. There should be no fear in our hearts , no emotional negative backgrounds means being neutral to all happening, no worries , no pain...Just being completely in the moment and feel joy in our heart...We should live with open mind and open heart. Time to give up all our limitations...

I love ''my plant'' and I am thankful for her being so she remembers me how I should stand on this beatiful earth.

Animals, plants , trees and all part and parcel of nature are mirror to remember...Listen them with your heart they will tell you your secrets...You will feel more love in your heart and all others after words. And hopefully realize there is only love and oneness...

When ever see a Japanese Rose please smile to her...She is just there for loving you...

with love

The Blue Mermaid

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