16 Aralık 2010 Perşembe

The Man Comes From The Sea

You came to my life this morning
With the wind comes from the sea
I was waiting for you on the shore
First we recognized each other within the depth of our eyes
Than we touched each other with a warm smile
You gifted me a necklace
Made of blue sea weeds and white sea shells
I was lighted in every part of my being
I hold your hands
I poured water with rose fragrance to your hands
I gave you a hot soup and bread
The bread was so hot and soft
You smiled
May be you remembered a nice memory
I became happy and I smiled too
You were too tired
Than I prepared a clean soft lavander fragrant bed
You slept quickly
I watched you when you were sleeping
Very long time
I breathe in the smell of the sea from your being
Listened the sound of your breathing
Slowly kissed the lines on your face
I watched the movement of your eye lashes
Your heart was beating with the rhythm of a peaceful baby
Love and light with full warm felt in me
I was waiting for this moment all my life
Waited the man comes from the sea
Who has the large heart as like sea
Now the sea is calling me
And time to become a mermaid
Than I slowly come to your shores

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