26 Aralık 2010 Pazar

Waiting For Love


Open the doors of your heart
To my love and light said my soul
When I see you for the first time
I accepted you within me silently
Your light touched my heart
Your love flowed in to all my being
My heart opened and became a beatiful red rose
Than the love became water inside me
Rose up and wanted to flow back to your heart
I became river and than the sea
Than just like that I flowed in to your heart
When the water and patient come together
No stone can resist their power
When the doors of your heart will be opened o dear lover
When the sea in your heart will accept the sea inside my heart
I want to become more and grow deep
To become one with you
I want to melt and get lost in the ocean of love
Than find our hands lips and eyes again
Please remove all barriers and open the doors of your heart
To love and light
Be sure o dear lover
I await at your door step your hands lips and eyes

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