26 Aralık 2010 Pazar

Drunk In Love

Make love with me o dear lover
When the sun rising
Under the golden lights of the sun
On our naked bodies which
Became bronze statues from antic ages
Let us release our waters inside us
Become one with our tears and laughs
Fly to the moon with our wings
Than watch the lovers on the earth
Make love on the sun rising
Let us flow as like rivers comes from
Our hearts by singing love songs
Drink the nectar of love
Comes from our fountain of love
Getting drunk by the intensity of our love
With the joy of the day we become one
I am waiting you o dear lover
The name of the journey is patience and peace now
My heart is in fire and
Please do not be late
My heart is burning and turning in to ashes
With the fire inside it
Time has arrived for the unity

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