26 Aralık 2010 Pazar

The Woman

O lover
Spread the stars you have collected from the sky to my hair
Offer me necklaces and bracelets
Colored my lips and cheeks with the red self of pomegranate
Wash my hand with cool water with jasmine fragrant
Unfold a carpet made of colorful flowers to my bare feet
Touch my skin and stroke it with beautiful fragrant oils
Breath out your breath to my chest and join your breath to mine
Mix your water to mine so that your self becomes my self
With the compassion of love stroke my hair with your lightful hands
Give kisses with butterfly touching to my eyes
I am your woman whom
The source of life and the creator
I found you and reached you
Come and take my heart to endless blueness
Dance with me until the end of time with the attendance of starts
And our light enlighten the hearts of the lovers on the earth

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