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A New Year Story

She was having a close relation with nature since her childhood. She was born in the house which had great garden. She was preparing the garden for spring every year. All day she was working in the garden with full of love and passionate. Cutting old pieces of the plants, cleaning the soil from wild plants, aerating the soil, watering the new plants ... Eventhough she was a little girl her heart was full of love and dedication for the nature...Although she was getting tired by working all day she was feeling complete silence , peace and satisfaction in her heart by doing this ritüel. It was kind of worshiping to nature or honouring the nature with her soul . Nature was honouring her soul indeed...She was peacefully living in her childhood self world in some sence.

In her garden there were two big pine trees. She was imagining one of them as mother pine tree and the other as daughter pine tree. She was telling stories about them to her friends...

One day her family decided to give the land to a constructor for two buildings to be constructed. Ofcourse all the trees and garden were destroyed. Only one of the pine trees managed to stay alive. It was left to the public road. It was just like the symbol of her childhood garden , her connection with nature . Something to hold on in her life. Like a very strong link with her being and the mother earth. May be with the all...She felt like one of her wing was broken...

New Year of 2010 she remembered her tree. Than she went to visit her tree. She talked to her and embraced her tree with the tears on her eyes. She felt the love and the connection again with her being, mother earth and the all.

She said to the tree she was loving her so deeply. This was just like she was telling her self she was accepting and loving her self unconditionally.She was not a part from that tree infact.

After sometime she visited a country where she wanted to live. This land was full of pine trees. The capital city of this country was just like surrounded by a pine trees ocean. She has fallen in love with this land and the people living there. Somehow she knew she was having connection with these people.

Nevertheless she was injured by a spider fish when she was having an holiday with her son. So the little boy beleived that her mother would die or get injuired again if they live in that country.He refused to move to that country. His being was not allowing this to be happen infact. She was feeling and understanding his heart. Also she did not know what to do.

One night she went out from her house where she was living in an apartment complex approximately 5 Km away from her childhood place. She touched and talked to the pine trees in the garden. She said to them she was loving them . She also send her love to her personal pine tree and also the pine trees in her loving country via the ones she was touching.

Very next day she was taking her little son to his nursery school. On the way little boy pointed a pine tree and asked from her mother to give one cone of pine tree to him. She said she could not because simply they would die. They could picked up from the ground if they would see any. Unfortunately they could not find any cone. Than little boy remembered so that there were lots of pine cones on the ground in that country. She smiled and comfirmed it. Than he wanted to eat pine nuts ...They collected pine nuts and ate them during their holidays in that country. So she could not find any pine nuts and also they would not be so hygienic . When she took him to his school he gave a big hug to her mother and said he wanted to live in that country .

She was completely thankful in her heart and tears came from her eyes. She realized one more again that all beings whether living or not are made of one single thing which was Love. And we were all one and connected with each other. Not only human beings all the nature , trees , plants , animals and basicly all creation were part and parcel of our being. One single being...

She also rezalied we all have a complete world with its trees seas animals mountains etc inside us if we look enough depth to our being.

Whatsover we see outside is the reflection of our inner world.

To save and protect the outer world we should take care our inner world.Just by transforming our negative emotions such as anger hate greed competation jealously pride etc in to LOVE. Without any reaction to ourself we just see it and intent to transform it...So simple...

This should be a new year story...So beleive me or not but she surely visited her childhood pine tree this morning. And she said to her how she is loving her and thankful to her just for being in her life.

All creation is talking to us...Let us all listen it today...In the very first day of shinning 2011...Dear mother earth wants to talk to all of us...No matter who we are she loves us so deeply...

Happy New Year!

The Blue Mermaid

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