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My India-Indian Recipes

I was so lucky to stay in a friend's house at the beginning of my stay in India. As far as I remember we stayed almost a month in his house.

Our friend and his parents were so kind to us. Our friend was an excelent cook in fact...He was a cook as his professional...

Imagine me how I went crazy for great Indian recepies each and every day...It was great fun and experience...

I will share some simple but so delicious recepies of him...Thank you Prasad:) You are a great friend...

By the way prasad means the food offered to Gods & Goddess in ındia.

Here we go for one of my favoroite one...

I write in Indian-Turkish way...I mean some writings of the words would be in Turkish...


Pressed riced (Poha) or just simply boiled rice (1 bowl for each person)
One medium onion
One medium tomato
1/4 tea spoon Turmeric Powder
1/2 tea spoon Cumin Seed
1/2 tea spoon mustard seed
fresh coriander (I LOVE IT)
Green Chili (if you like hot ones)
2-3 small Curry Leaves (This can be found in Indian shops)

This is mainy for breakfast in Maharashtra ...Also it could be good snack in the afternoon.

Soak the pressed rice for a minute. Or keep your boiled rice ready for use.
Cut onion and tomatos in small pieces.
Heat the oil and add mustard, cumin seed and green chilis.
Add turmeric. Than currey leaves.After this you add chopped onion and make iit golden. Tomatos will follow afterwords.
You have to fry them well.
Time to add soaked pressed rise or boiled rice now.
Mix them well.
Turn the fire off and cover the pot with a lid.
Leave it for 5 min.
While serving you put chopped fresh coriander, lemon on top of it.
It shoul dbe served warm.
In some houses they also put some fresh grated coconut.

Hımmm . My mouth is getting watered now...I think I will cook it for breakfast for tomorrow:) Luckly enough I have real Indian poha and curry leaves at home...

When you visit someone's house in India , they automatically bring you water to drink first...Than great Indian tea is served...Ofcourse some snacks follows...Indian's are one of the most hospitable people on the earth...When I was offred this snack than I was just getting completely lost in pleasure...Each and every one has different taste according the cook...

Now I will share my favorite Indian tea recipe...

Acoording to number of people you can adjust it.
This is for 2 people.

1 cup water and 1 cup milk is boiled together.
Add fresh ginger piece ...If you like strong ginger taste this could be like cm 1 ...Otherwise you can addmuch smaller one...
Than you put black tea bags / or black tea leaves...
If you like you can add sugar...Infact real Indian tea is sooooo sweettt...
Let them boil like 5 min.
Than you serve it hot. If you use tea leaves remember to use strainer.

Some adds cardamom seeds of 3 or four instead of ginger...Up to you...

My suggestion ;
After a heavy day you have a warm shower or bath ...When everybody in the house go to bed (I have two boys so I need them to go bed for some silence) ,you can have your special Indian tea...It has to be really hot than...Also you can play some soft music...Better if it is a baroque one...It has same frequency as our heart so you can relax more...Turn the light down too...You and only you can enjoy your tea now...

Beleive me all your muscles and nerves will be completely relaxed...You can listen your heart in this special moment...

It is good and we need to talk to ourselves sometimes...

I call this as like my tea ceremony:)

Enjoy them...

with love


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