30 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

Awakining of the Inner Wisdom

When human awarness was much lower than today,  some wise  and/or enlighted people were telling to people around them about the  rules of righteous life so they can live such life. Basicly they were explaining laws of universe according to awarness of those people living in their times.

We call those  teachers  in different names in different cultures. Such as prophets, philosophers, gurus, sheikh etc.

Also  it was so hard to be englighted and one has to suffer so much to be able to achieve that state of mind in those days. Because collective awarness was not vibrating as high as of today.

Some of the Sat Guru 's (real teachers) are known as  Moses, Abraham, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Socrates, Muhammed, Guru Nanak, King Janaka, Lao-Tse, Zarahustra and Conficius.

Those days universe and all beings were accepted as seperated  beings from each other in public view.  There was no awarness of oneness and/or Law of Attraction as we can explain it all via Quantum Theory today.

Human awarness is able and ready to understand awarness of oneness and also laws of universe today. As we all know evolution is still  move alone and we are in the middle of awarness/conscious jump and/or revolution of consciousness.

According to  ancient knowledge of humankind ,  all wisdom , righteous life rules are in side us. It is showned with large green area around our abdominal region in the chart. Those inner wisdom just need to be activated  and/or enlighted in each human body.

When it is activated by Kundalini Awakining than all the pure knowledge of universe as well as righteous life rules / inner wisdom are also awakened in one's awarness.

We know from inside what is right what is wrong!

When we are connected and keep our connection active  with the Source  than those rules are  also updated reqularly according the collective awarness / existence.

We are all part and parcel of one awarness/existence  and if we can achive our connection with the Source with our concious mind than inner wisdom inside us is awakened/enlighted.

Than we do not need anymore external  rules/laws and/or teachers/preachers.

Even religions of old days which are sipmly explainig laws of universe according to awarness of  people of those days.

We become our own guru / teachers. Spontaneously we became enlighted/righteous people.

It is spontaneouly and easyly can happen today. Because human awarness is ready for this quantum jump.

It is time to awakening our inner wisdom !

It is time spontaneously become righteous person!

It is time to get our self realization via Kundalini awakining!

It is time to reconnect our consciousness with the Source!

It is time to go back Home!

With love,

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