21 Nisan 2014 Pazartesi

Rejected Liver's Teachings

I had a very inretesting experience few weeks ago.

I met a teenage girl aged 14 whom her liver has being  rejected by whole her body/organs.

Yes you have read correctly!

Never heard such thing before and honestly I got quite influenced.

Tried to understand why this experience had appeared in my life as being like Alchemist.

Rejected liver!

As we all know liver problems are related with anger  which is not expressed.

According to this point of view, all body of the young girl was rejecting or not wanting to see a part of herself which was angry.

So there was a part of her in her psyche  which was full of anger. She was rejecting and not seeing that angry part in fact. Rejected angry part! I guess we all have such part.

As they said the root of anger is feeling desperate/hopeless.

When a part of us feels desperate and not able to express its feelings and needs , it was getting angry. Angry to outside and angry to inside. To himsel/herself. Perhaps it was getting angry to itselves desperation, inability, weakness in fact. It was gettinh angry to itself over and obver because it was not able to introspect its shadows as such and make necessary changes in his/her life. Perhaps we were escaping from our facts and shadows via rejecting this angry part.

As priority it seems we need to see and listen our angry part. Say sorry and ask forgiveness for not be able to see its fears and needs. Tell our love and thank to that part.

We are about to a astrological phenomen on 23rd April 2014 named Grand Cardinal Cross. It seems anger and be able to let go are the main topics about this special time.

We have to listen our inner part, and understand what we want to change in our lives. Also we have to let it be, allow! It is time for changes and transformation!

We need to make peace and become one with our angry part.

We should be compassionate to ourselves and leave the energy of anger this week!

Allow the change and transformation.

Who  knows may be this is the time we have been waiting and preparing ourselves for many years.

With love,

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