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Misunderstanding of Meditation Practise

I wanted to write this article for a very long time but it had completed itself this morning!

I met Nirmalara Srivastava (Shri Mataji) in İstanbul in spring of 1993.

Very long time indeed.

Since than I practise her technique in my daily life and share the knowledge with the ones whom desire it so.

She explained metitation state as "houghtless awareness" state.

When Kundalini rises above from third eye (Agnya Chakra) than you go beyond past and future. Beyond your mind!

Thoughts come from mind.

Mind needs time and as we all know time is an illusion (past is gone and future did not come yet) so mind is an illusion.

As Echart Tolle described in his book "Power of Now" when we go beyond our mind we can be in the present moment.

When I was reading this book I wondered whether Echart Tolle ever met Shri Mataji.

As my guru says truth is in the now. Joy is in the now.

When Kundalini awakens we  are connected with the source with  few line of Kundalini energy . If you practise it every day than this energy vortex gets wider and you are connected with much strongly to the sourse.

There is emty space or gap  between thoughts and when Kundalini awakens this gap gets bigger and biger with the practise of meditation.

It means our  potential being in the present moment gets risen. You go deep in to the present moment / all being / life / cosmos/ God!

Ofcourse our attention also has to be very stong to anchor to the moment/truth!

When this gap bigger than the number of thoughts get lessen and Kundalini awakening make our emotions posssitve and balanced than we become free from our  mind. Less and positive thoughts , strong attention completely change our  vibration. Our  quantum energy changes! Than we  are more likely to attact good experiences in our  life.

All we need is to keep Kundalini awakened than we can establish our conscious  in the thoughtsless area. Where the  divine influence is . Than we can see whole picture with the eye of our souls.

In The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer summarises Shri Mataji's message as follows:

  • Connect to the power that created you in order to know the meaning of life.
  • You are beyond the body and mind—the greatest truth is that you are the spirit.
  • One has to know the spirit in order to know the truth.
  • Meditation is the only way to grow. The growth of awareness takes place in the silence of thoughtless awareness
So all we know meditation is a thoughtless awareness state not an imaginative practise.

In many personal development or coaching workshops which I have attaned in last six years ,  imaginative practices / workshops were called meditation!

It is a practise of mind indeed.

As my guru says if we  see any light or imagination during meditation so than our  third eye (Agyna Chakra) has blockage! We need to put it in to balance...

Also if we push so much our mind ( sixth chakra) than we can go to collective subconscious or underconscious where the areas are not allowed human conscious to be according to my guru.

One need the be real master to handle those areas otherwise we can damage our energy area and/or subtle body.

I know hard to beleive for most of us if the such simple technique can connect you with the sourse.

It is also our mind which beleive things has to be hard or worked hard to be reached.

It is like we are water fountain but we dig mountains to find water!

So simply  one should sit in silence and just watch her/his thoughts.

We can train our  mind via your attention too. 

Our soul is the master of our mind, our thoughts,emotions.

In fact we are all pure spirit means pure energy which create the universes.

Sat Chit Anand!

Truht Attention Joy!

With love,

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