19 Eylül 2015 Cumartesi

Journey of a Little Shrimp

I beleived that Jumbo Shrimp is a seperate being or  creation.

But not!

They became Jumbo Shrimp in time.

The fundamental question arise as like, but  how ?

Well little shrimp can not fit its shell anymore when the time ripe and it cracked its shell.

No idea if it happens by its will power or by nature! May be both are same anyway...

Than our little shrimp become  naked and severly  vulnarable until it creates another bigger and stronger shell.

And it keeps on like that again and again. Untill it reaches its biggest shell . Or best version of existence!

When I learnt this , I really became thoughtless. My mind blow away!

It explain how we feel exactly when we left our comfort zone and go for much wider existence on our journey.

Unless and untill we let go all old patterns just like small shell and accept vulnarability , infact allow to be vulnarable than there is  no way  for a NEW SELF.

We can create a new self by being vulnarable. By ALLOWING  being vulnarable.

Infact there is nothing to be fear of.  Fear is just an illusion!

It is painful sure! So much sensetiveness,  full of misunderstandings, someminor  health issues, breathlessness , lack of memory, some confusion, lack of eye sight etc  and so many may arise. These are all illusive and temporary.

I beleive these are the days personally and collevtively we are naked! Completeley vulnarable for our better self. For better personal self, for better community, for better country, for better world!

Some calls these period  as chaos!

But sure it will be pass away soon.

We are part and parcel of the nature and all out there has a message for our journey and/or evolution.

Just like  catterpillar become butterfly , sea star regenerate its fingersand,  lots of other examples are out there.

We just need to be patient, live in the moment and be near nature with full awakened awarness!

So let the magic of spirit do its work!

With love

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