27 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

A Wild Woman in The Desert

“For me, this is just another day, so busy and so far away from what I truly want to be,“ said the young man, his heart as lonely as a desert. It was late and his head was aching ferociously. He only wanted to sleep . . . to forget his loneliness and his pain.

In a dream that night, he saw himself in a lonely desert. It was night and there was a full moon. He was naked inside an empty house. The young man watched the desert turning into a golden sea as he was transfixed by the windows of the house.

After some time, he heard a mysterious sound. He first assumed that it was the sound of his own heart beating in the silence . Then, seeing a light coming closer and closer from afar, he realised the sound was the sound of a rampant running horse.

When the light came closer, the image grew into a true picture. A woman with ivory skin on a white unicorn was approaching. The naked woman had long golden hair flowing in the wind. A white wolf pack was following her.

When the woman arrived in front of the house , the unicorn stopped and the woman alighted. The wolves were sitting on the ground in silence and watching her, mesmerized.

The woman looked towards the young man with eyes full of light and smiled. Even though she was not speaking aloud, he heard her in his mind asking, ‘’Would you allow me?’’ Then he replied from inside by whispering ,‘’Yes’’. He was carried away within her being. Then the woman stretched her hand to the young man and said, silently, ‘’Come with me!”. The young man slowly walked out of his house .

For a while they walked under the full moon shining upon the desert, hand in hand. The young man’s heart was about to burst. The woman was unbelievably calm and peaceful. It was like she knew all things which have happened, which are happening . . . and also those which will happen .

Suddenly she stopped and pointed her right hand to a point in the desert. A magnificient oasis appeared in the middle of the desert. A secret place, created only for them . . .

She walked with the young man, holding his hand, and descended into the pool of water. When her foot touched the water, it lightened and colourful lights spread all around in the desert. At that moment , the woman transformed into a blue mermaid.

Colourful lights also touched his body. The woman touched, with her lights, the secret places in his body. Her light penetrated his mind and heart. The young man experienced pure love for the first time in his life. Then he offered himself to the goddess of the desert , the blue mermaid.The woman accepted the offer with a smile and blessed his being with the secret of life. Their laughter echoed around the desert and even to the stars.

The young man woke up shaking . . . with a feeling of satisfaction and peace which he had never felt before. While he was still feeling sorrow because it was only a wonderful dream, he found sand and seashells in his bed. A warm smile came to his face, which then became radiant.

Later, when he turned on the radio while having his morning coffee, he was astonished. They were talking about a star which had come extremely close to earth the previous night. The star had lightened the night like day. He jumped for joy. He knew he had met his star.

Suddenly, he felt the lonely desert in his heart become a beautiful green valley. Tears of happiness flowed copiously from his eyes. His heart reawakened . . . to life and love.

(This story was published in my story book named ''Mermaid Stories for Adults'' in February 2011.)

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