10 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi

The Most Important Appointment With OURSELF

Time to get lighter in every dimension of our being!

We have an appointment with ourselves on 21th December 2012. We have almost a month infront of us.

Pyhsically get lighter!

Loose over weight and reach your ideal weight. The fat in your body is the undigested emotions.
Start walking every day or just go and move your body. DANCE ! DANCE ! DANCE !
Give up alcohol, smoking and drugs...They do not do good to us...
We need to be completely alert and fit!

Emotionally get lighter!

Give up past and forget & forgive. Ask forgiveness and say sorry for the ones you have hurted knowingly&unknowingly in your enter life. Get rid of  the load over your shoulders. Introspect yourself and leave negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, greed etc. We can say "I forgive everyone everything and myself!" and " I am satisfied within my spirit!"

"Returnal Ascent" by Justin Russel

Mentally get lighter!
Give up the negative thoughts&beliefs.Watch your self! Only allow positive thoughts and use positive words. Stop wacthing pornography.Purify your mind and attention. Watch nature and kids as they are the most innocent beings. Come back to your innocent! Nothing can destroy the innsocent in us . Accept and respect the innsocent in you. We are still all innocent!

Spiritually Get Lighter!
Remember you are part and parcel of all ! Beleive in life and yourself which is part of life !
Give up all the uncollective thoughts&beliefs! See your ego and make peace with it! Free yourself from your karma...Accept so that we are part and parcel of the same spirit. There is no counrty , religion , sect , race , colour, political views or gender differences...These are the creation of our mind. Remember we are all one!  Not only all humanity. With the earth, animal, trees , mountains  The Sun and The Moon ! Remember we are not only this body or mind! Or our thoughts or our emotions...We are also pure spirit! We can say " I am pure spirit!" while you put our hand on our heart!

We have to be lighter as much as  we can so that we can jump much higher on 21th December 2012!

Allign with the nature! Be in the nature as much as possible these days and be silent inside! LISTEN YOUR HEART!

We can ask help from our inner SELF for  transformation, chance and development! Basicly evolutionary development and enlightenment!

If every one jumpsto a higher state than collectively we will reach a much higher state!

We can only ascent collectively! No one can reach a higher awarness or state on single hand.

It is the time for new birth and new conscious for all of us !

We can collectively bring peace in the world and heal the earth as well as all humanity

We have the power within us and we just need to beleive in our heart. Because heart can do everything! Activate your heart! Activate the light within your heart...

Than leave everthing in the hands of life!

Just get lighter!

Urgent action is required! NOW AND HERE !

With love

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