10 Kasım 2012 Cumartesi

The Truth About Atatürk

He died in 10th November at 09:05 am 74 years ago.

I was with my kids in their school for his death anniversary this morning.

The garden was full of children, teachers, parents and grand parents.

First of all we stood for a moment of silence while hearing sirens from cars, ships, factories, fire brigades, ambulances from all over the İstanbul at 09:05 am.

Life has stopped in Turkey for "one minute" today!

There is a construction near the school and all the workes attended the moment of silence together with us than we sang national anthem all together!

Than poems and the songs followed the ceremony! Specially the songs he used to love...

In the moment of silence tears came from our eyes! Yes they were many women whom covers their hair in the ceremony too. They were ready with their children for the ceremony this morning.

Than I checked the media today.

I saw women  and men , children in all ages, villagers and  workers , young and old, rich and poor, civil and soldiers, religious and secular, socialist and capitalist, Turkish and Kurdish , Sunnis and Alevis... Each and every part of the human mozaic in Turkey was respecting Atatürk and you could see tears & sorrow in their eyes...

Even the traffic in the bridges had stopped!

I am not a heavyly natiolanist person. Also I can not call myself a great fun of Atatürk. I am simple member of this nation and I have great respect to his work and his personality...

But I really wondered!

How can this  be? What is the reason of such love and respect for a man died 74 years ago? Eventhough under heavy anti Atatürk propagand nowadays...

Because he was a strong anti emperyalist !

He was a freedom fighter !

He beleived in freedom of nation and the country!

He beleived in the free will !

He was the peace keeper !

His famous quote is " Peace in the country peace in the world!" is known by the citizens in the world.

He was representing justice , principle of equity, unity,oneness,  development , science , intellence , art , music, self respect , self confident etc...

So he was the symbol of these values!

He was a great visioner !

He had a dream !

He had a brave heart!

Just like  Gandhi , Che , Martin Luther , William Wallace and so on.

These values are "the universal values"...

If you hold the universal values within your personality than you can for ever be in the heart of a  nation and/or citizens of the world.  And yes only such  personality  can make a miserable crew in to a self respecting  nation. You can awake a nation! You can ignite the fire for freedom in the heart of a nation...They were all great leaders!

If you do not hold universal values within you than you would be one of them no one would remember you!

So world is under heavy and wild capitalist / emperyalist attack!

All plants and  trees, seas and oceans , mountains and valleys, animals in all forms and we as human beings with all our aspects are being made in to slavery in very so called "smart" and "vigil" ways...

Everything  exsists  with its opposite dimension.

Against rising emperyalism and slavery , antiemperyalism and freedom spirit are also rising in the world.

And simply human heart needs a hope!

So we see the hope in  the eyes of these great visinors!

These visioners  are presented as their  weak points  and/or try to be abolished in the eye of the public in some territories by the emperyalists because emperyalism wants to kill and/or  destroy the hope in our hearts.

Heritage of these great visinors  to us hold on to universal values and human dignity !

With all respects and love

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