5 Kasım 2012 Pazartesi

Parots of Istanbul

I saw the new guests of İstanbul sky in spring of 2010 as a first time .

I was near by a park called Fenerbahçe Parkı in the Asian side. Since than I had chance to see them in both side of İstanbul.

Than I remembered my first visit to India in 1995 . We were near by Taj Mahal and the Indian blue sky was full of green parots. It was the first time for me so that I met the green parots indeed. And surely it was a very magical and exotic moment for me!

Nowadays I hear their shrill sound almost every couple of days near Acıbadem and Kalamış area in Anadolian side.

They are generally flying within a group of parots and some of the time you can see a seagulf or a crow chasing them.

When I checked the net  I read they are in İstanbul for 15 years !  As they said some parots were escaped from the cages and they managed to live in İstanbul .

According to  biolog Mr Kerem Ali Boyla because of the climate changes these parots which are actullay originated from India / Tailand can live in İstanbul . Similarly these parots are seen in NY, Barselona and even in London. This is a real fact of the climate chance indeed!

Their Latin name is ‘psittacula eupatria’ and here is the info from Wikipedia.

The Alexandrine Parakeet or Alexandrian Parrot (Psittacula eupatria) is a member of the psittaciformes order and of the Psittaculidae family. The species is named after Alexander the Great, who is credited with the exporting of numerous specimens of this bird from Punjab into various European and Mediterranean countries and regions, where they were considered prized possessions for the nobles and royalty.

The species name eupatria has its origins from Latin and/or could be a Greco-Latin combination. Where the prefix eu translates into good or noble and the suffix patria is a Latin word translating into fatherland or ancestry. Consequently, the scientific name means of noble fatherland or of noble ancestry.

I am born and lived most of my life in İstanbul and  I feel completely cheered up and joyful when I see these new guests of İstanbul flying on the air. Forgetting the further possible impacts of climate chances...

It seems very soon the sky of İstanbul as well as  our dreams will become more colorful and joyful...

with love

PS . I saw the same parots in Ankara in November 2012!

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