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IQ,EQ,SQ and now AQ

When I was in teenages IQ was the only so called "criteria" of one's capability&ability.  Our intellectual quotient!  This is  our personel understanding. It helps us to understand the subjects and it comes from our birth. It can not be developed as other understandings. It is base in our left brain.

New Man New Woman by Alex Grey

Than in mid  of 2000's,  we started to hear about EQ.Emotional Quotient ! People who has high EQ are more succesful in speaking and use their right brain more. We use EQ for our communication with others. It develops in time.

Than we started to see SQ in some books and magazines since couple of years. Spiritual Quotient! It can be described as spiritual balance and understanding in summary. Our IQ and EQ have to have certain balance and harmony so that we can have a balanced  SQ . When SQ rises IQ and EQ also rise.

To have a succesful , happy and peaceful life we need to have all these understandings have balance and harmony with each other and the whole.

These are not the all Q's but the main known three ones.

Than I beleive it is time to introduce a new understanding.

AQ...Angelic Quotitent!

The one who has oneness , love  and abundance understanding & conscious...

The one does see others as part of himself/herself , the one whom sees , hears , feels from the eyes ears and hands of spirit,

The one totally beleive and trust  in life !

The one live in the moment and go with the flow with full surrender...

The one who has full of virtue, justice, conscientious in his/her personality...

The one who respects and protects mother earth and all the being on it...

The one who is englighted and united with the source of life!

I beleive the new human being called Homo Novus (*) has AQ and there are many of them on earth now!

With Love,


(*) New man on earth is decribed as Homo Novus  by Nil Gün  in 2010.

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