6 Şubat 2013 Çarşamba

No Fuel Save Soil !

My dear sisters and brothers,

I am a mother of a beatiful two sons and I have a request from all of you from deep of my heart!

Yes , this is an urgent call for all us...

All we know fosil fuels are coming from old plants and animals such as dinasors which are out of evolution in fact.

By exploring the fosil fuels from the rocks and/or from underground what we do infact , we bring back materials which are not belonging our today's reality ...It is totaly against evolution and againts the flow of life...Against the existence ! Against the spirit !

So basicly it destroys our lifes...Our future on earth!

OPEC's founder politician Juan Pablo Perez from Venezuella had called petrol (fosil fuel) as "devil's dirt"  because of it is destroying the nature and the world's politics . He also predicted so that it will be the reason of destruction of human kind!

Conincidentally all reseraches say  the same thing nowadays! Many researchers say  we have 100 years on earth if we do not make a sharp U turn.

There are two things to be done here...

One of the urgent action must be keeping the petrol  under the ground...There are very strong lobbies in Bolivia, Venezuella and Colombia which have large petrol reserves indeed. Nevertheless the majority in the public is aware of  emerging threat!

And other action is in our hands today.

All we know the companies which are making so called " the profit" out of fosil fuels can not operate without human resources.

Their critical point is human resources!

It means US !

If  we  choice our training or bussiness carreer in different  companies and/or work for other companies  rather than them than there would be a chance for the world.

We would help to mother earth with our choices!

As we all know we create our life and our reality with our choices.

How to earn money and how to use money are so much important regarding our vibration, energy we reflect to universe. What we reflect we receive !

If we choise righteous , justice egalitarian way of life than we should be sure the mother earth will be always protecting  and saving us. She will take care of us and our beloved ones.

We must trust in her and beleive in her...

My heartly request is specially from  the youth of the world infact.

Because ;

You are our future!

You  are the new conscious of the earth!

You  are the protectors and transformers ! You will bring balance in energies on earth !

You are the cyristals of mother earth !

The mother earth  has been waiting for  you for ages...

Just be aware of your heart and your motives and your vibrations accordingly.

Beleive in Yourself !

I am simply a mother!

I love my sons and all the children on  earth...All I wish all the children of earth to be able to see  their grand children and enjoy their lifes with their beloved ones  in peace and happiness.

Beleive ,  the mother earth also loves all of us ...We are her children indeed!

Let us give a big support to Mother Earth and accept her motherhood with total respect and surrender.

Eventough we will have short time on earth , than our choice could be to have a self respecting and glorious life eventually.

Basicly all the companies on earth need man power. "Human resourses."

It is time to re-source ourselves with the mother earth, each other and source of life. 

We will be the  human beings whom re-sourced again basicly.

We  have the power and courage to do this.

Because we are born to be re-sourced.

With Love


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