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Ida Mountain is Screaming!

This sentence is the symbol of Çanakkale Enviroment Platform's fight!

I admit that I was not aware of the heavy situation and urgent action requirment before I moved here.

I had chance to go trough some academic reports and I share my notes with you.

Ida Mountain

Biga Peninsula and Ida Mountain were declared as "Important Nature&Plant Area" by many international platforms.

37 out of 82  unique plant in the world live in this area. The area is under "genetic protection".

Although modern medical science 80 % of the world population still receive medical treatment via medicine made of herbs&plants  because of that  the area is called "drug store of the world."

The area is secondary way for birds which emigrates.

The most facinating info for me is that the area including Ida Mountain is the second richest oxgen source in the world after Alps.The area produce 375.400 T / year oxgen and absorbs carbon  dioxide  516.380 T/year .  Therefore it would be so dramatic  to damage natural balance in the area regarding global warming !

Approximately Billion USD 8 is produced via agriculture including stockbreeding in the area every year. Thousands of employment are provided by these sectors. The area is also one of the main "eco tourism" point in the world.

In the Greece mythology it is called as Ida Mountain. According to Homeros Ida means " With 1000 springs, are with plenty of springs, plants and animals.". Also it is called like  "home of the gods & goddesses".

Greece call the top point of Ida as Ayda. Ayda is a holy center of gods & goddesses.
Today Ida mountain is also a holy center of the local people.

Legends such as Zeus and Ganymede , Afrodit and Achies ans also first beauty contest were hold in Ida Mountain.

Three goddesses whom were going to be introduced to Paris had bath in the springs of Ida Mountain.

Afrodit was choosen as "the most beatiful one" in Ida Mountain.

Troia (Troy) where civilization was established in this area.

Prince Aereo from Troia, is assumed the one whom establish Rome Kingdom.

According to legend, the horse of Troy was made of a special tree comes from Ida mountain. Still those trees are alive and they are endemic.

Aristo's school which was the center of humanism was also in Ida Mountain.

Therefore the area and Ida Mountain is one of the important center of the world regarding its natural, cultural,historical inherit with its legends...The area is the one of the pillar of universal values which our global culture stand on it.

So now we will explain the threats...

The first one is "gold mining"...

It is planned to process Billion T 2.5 rocks and use Billion 7 T water for mining activities.During the mining process T 400.000 cyanide will be used.

According to above figures , the clean  water which is used by Mio 2.5 people in the area come  from many springs dams will be totally poluted.

Recently one of the small stream called Çay Deresi was blue and it reach to Marmara Sea eventually.
In summary tones of clean water will be used for gold mining and heavy metals such as lead mercury cyanide arsenic will polute the water the earth and the air.

Also Radon gas which cause cancer will be relased to the atmosphre during the process.

I saw very detailed study for the numbers of trees will be cut off...Millions of olive trees etc.

There will be big holes in the many points on the mountain . They are called "hell holes". They have 600 m width and 400 m lenght...Imagine! Academic reports say dueto the fact the landscape is hilly the risk of erosion is very high.

The mining bussiness is machinery based process so there will not be large employment provided. Also its life is very short like 8-10 years. Nevertheless 750 k people in the area live with agriculture & stock breeding.If these sectors are damaged directly or indirectly via mining bussiness than many people will be unemployed.

The total income calculated for all the planned mining investments in the area for next 10 years is only Billion 20. If you compare it with yearly income generated only from agriculture&stockbreeding which is Billion 80, it does not sound as a good investment.

The area is also in first earthquake zone. Eventough the mining plants are closed down after 10 years the risk of polution will be carried by the local people for hundred years.

By the "New Mining Law" relased in 5/6/2004 (ironically in the world enviroment day) many local and international mining firms applied for mining licence and many of them received the licence!

Secon theat is  termic power plants which is run by coal..

Including the existing ones new power plants are planned to built in the area with total capacity of MW 8.
In short and mid terms those investments will cause directly or indirectly enviromental disaters, unemployment, diseases&sickness and surely loss in the county's income.

So what the local people and civil organizations want and say?
Local people and also all people in Turkey  including all local civil organizations do not want those investments.
They mention that the international mining companies target the 3rd world countries where the enviromental laws are not  like in US and EU. Unfortunately Turkey is one of their target!

Due to the fact so that legal system in Turkey  is not working as it is working in the democratic countries, than they call people not to beleive the enviromental effect reports (ÇED) prepared. They say these reports do not reflect the truth!

They say the water earth air with all the life including  human one in the are are under heavy threat!

They want the priority on the sustanibility for life before sustanibility development!

Now I share my personal view with you.
I beleive all the local and international companies should be hold liable for all the material bodily and moral damages/ indemnity directly and/or indirectly may occur   under the local and international laws regarding human, enviromental animal rights...Because the risk is for all world and the international laws should apply to the subject.  Keep in mind local people and all civil organization including engiineers, doctors,enviromentalist say NO!

Also there should be no time limit for the indemnity may be risen . The risk which the local people will carry is for hundred years as specialist says. So 5-10 years time limit is a big lie!

I beleive  above notices should be given LEGALLY  to all the companies which plan to invest in the area.

All the companies which plant to invest in the area should make their feseablity reports again including "Natural Capital Valuation" reporting. Also they should include possible indemnity requirments mentioned as above to their new feasibility report. I beleive they will see the unsufficieny of the investment and they cancell the projects.
If the area and specially Ida Mountain loose its function than it will be just like a self-suicide for all the world!

In summary , wild capitalism is attacking to world's heritage and our future in this area!

Today I invite you to hear the scream of Ida Mountain.

I invite you to give your signature to worldwide campaingns to save Ida Mountain.
I invite you to support the local platforms efforts via social media and campaign in all over the world.

I invite you to support the efforts via fecebook pages Diren Kazdağı-Forum Çanakkale and/or  Occupy Ida Mountain ...

I invite you to be ALIVE to our global interest for our past, today and future!

Occupy Ida Mountain!

Occupy Earth!

with love,

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