28 Kasım 2015 Cumartesi

Conflict with Russia

I have  quite a lot followers in Russia and I found responsible to share my personal and public view about the recent conflict with Russia.

Majority of the public in Turkey fell sorry for the situation and are not happy how the goverment deals with the problem!

Lack of communication and lack of diplomacy!!!

Unfortunately having a job and/or position in the goverment does not mean the one who is involved with the issue  has always excellent  good communication & diplomatic skills.

Yes may be 49 % of the public blindly follow the AK Party and their leaders but 51 % of the public still believe in secularity , democracy , justice, human rights and universal values.

We still have hope!

It is still not clear nevertheless It is crazy to have problems&crisis with the neighbourhood! 

Some people around the globe are  as usual stiring a junk soup again and feed our inner anger, inner disappointment, inner pain, inner fear...

I kindly request from people in Russia and Turkey to calm down and do not allow this evilish plans of some people far away from our lands. 

We all know these people are gready, selfish,arrogant,destructor...

People in Russia and Turkey should be more close, friendly,understanding, positive,open and in conciliatory gestures more than they have never been before.

Again and again I wonder why Atatürk said  "Peace in the country,peace in the world"?

Peace starts from inside and reflect outside.

Altough he was a fighther he was in complete peace in himself!  

What we live in Turkey today is the opposite of his example.

So I kindly request from people in Russia so that this is an  situation in Turkey and please see the bigger picture which Atatürk shown us!

We are the majority of Turkey beleive in peace in the country, peace in the neighbourhood and peace in the world!

We always remember and have appriciation how you helped our young republic in the beginning.

Please accept our condolence for your loss.

Let your loss bring two hearts of both public  more closer to each other.

Let the love&respect  between both public flow.

With love from İstanbul,

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