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Meeting with My Celtic Self

As far as I remember it was 1992's summer. July I guess!

My Scothish boy friend lately he became  my husband too, we took a flight to London than a bus trip to Edinburgh.

We arrived very early morning and God it was soooo freezing cold for me.

My age was 25! He quite was elder than me.

Imagine me ! Until that day I  had great shiny summers on the  sea shores.

In those days I was working in a British Insurance company. Well known one!So the company had many branches all over the Britain.I was not able to walk because of the cold. Therefore I  explained my boy friend so that I had to chance my cloths. Than I found a branch of my company near by and chance my cloths in the enterance of the building. Imagine! On the streedt almost...It was so early in the morning so every places were closed. It was fun!

Very cool summers! But the air was so freshing and we were lucy to have some sunny days. If you ask me today yes I enjoy  cool weather more. Because I also know hot Indian summer. You can not imagine it specially when you are pregnant.

After coupleof days we spent with family members and friends we went up to Highlands!

Beatiful and I was just speechless. Trees and valleys and lakes and mountains...

Eventually we arrived Skye Island. It really put spell on me!

I could not beleive my eyes because of the purity and virginity of the nature. My eyes were observing real wild nature first time. I come from a family lived in İstanbul for ages and there were only cities, holiday villages in my life experience until that moment.Eventough I grow up in a house with large garden it was not the same like be in the wild nature.

I am very bad for keeping pictures so I lost the pictures unfortunately but several images are still in my mind. I wish  we will be  able to print out our  visual memories  with fast grow tech in the near future.

Even we passed near by Loch Ness Lake too.You know this lake. They say there is a secret monster in it. But it did not appear when we were there.

Remembering wild rabbits were here and there. Also other wild animals.

The family we stayed together with cooked a rabit but I could not eat that sweet things.

Surely we had a great celtic music fest too.

There were few people living in the island and almost everybody were playing an instrument or singing.

So the band was made of the citizen of the island! When some people come together and start to play music than others would also join.

Altough I was complaning about the cold all the time, it was a great trip.

I should  write another article about my islands.  Islands  help me to transform my self in to another one.I realize it now.

Surely The Skye Island has a special place in my heart.

Being in such wild nature was just like a fairy tale for me.I was watching around with  my eyes wide open as like as a child. Curious, callow (hope it is right word) , wondering eyes!

Now I understand  that trip re establish my connection with nature. With my wild self indeed.

It helped me to find my Celtic self!  I beleive it was  infact the basement of my personality of today.

I even can say,  I had to find that self before I find my way on my journey.

Altough we had some hard time between us, heart only remember the good things after it is healed.

So my heart is in complete gratitude for  him. There is only love in my heart today.. Yes we separated after couple of years.

I know today, He was probably my first guide.

I was a local girl come from middle class servant family.  Quite conservative and serious one!

He was sent to me from above!

I learned alot from him. Most of all I remember he taught me to become like a water. He explained me  how I should live life as like a water.Just like telling a fairy tail to a little girl!

Who knows may be because of him I  established Water Group in İstanbul, attened Dr Emoto's classes, wrote poems and stories inspired from water and the sea.I also admit here so that some of my English stories are edited by him for this blog.

 If there is such thing like soul mate, s yes he was one of my soul mate. I am so lucky I met few other soul mates of mine on my journey too. The soul mate phenomenon  is not a romantic thing. The soul mate can meet you on your journey, just for  you to remember light&love. To RE member RE connect  yourself to your true self! Some stays some goes! But their real mission to let your consciousness develop in to higher dimensions for fullfilling yourself.

As he studied litretature and Chinese philosopy he had a very deep and artisic personality.

May be because of him after we met,  I got interested in to meditation & yoga as well as writing too!

We inspire each other on our way and I realize now it is like he blew his soul in me.

Today I wanted to honour his being in my life with this small and very friendly chat like writing.

I do not know where is he now and I do not know why I write this today!  For long time I do not hear from him...

Just I wanted to say ;

Thank you Al, your mission is fullfilled !


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