27 Şubat 2016 Cumartesi

Tree of Life Workshop

It is a Group Coaching and Meditation workshop hold in İstanbul. We will develop different pertspective about  our lifes and improve its quality via knowledge exchance and interactive practices.

With the help of  Kundalini Meditation, we will be able to  manage anger, stress, free ourselves from addiction , improve our consentation and attention and increase our life energy.

 Please view  4  min video for live practise of Kundalini awakening.

Tree of Life is a symbol of universe in all cultures. Trees are beleived to be expression of the universe on earth.

Human are the door between macro cosmos and micro cosmos as like trees. Human are the road!

Every human has a seed in himself which has a great capacity of a shiny majestic tree. This potantial is a reflection of Tree of Life inside us. Self actulising is symbolised as a seed turned in to a magestic tree. So we will meet in Tree of Life Workshop to give space to each other for this seed to sprout out and feed it with enough  light, water and air, healthy earth. 

Here we will awake the Kundalini energy which is also called spiritual water, and sprout out and feed the seed inside us.

Here we will communicate with the our subconsicious mind and turn it into a fertile soil.

Here we will introspect with our shadows and let more light be inside us.

Here we will learn natural breathing and will breath freash air with our cells.

Tree of Life Workshop is a road junction ! Just like an oasis where we rest before we hit the road with courage!

We will dance , sing, play games, sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. But surely we will love&accept ourselves much deeper and carry on our journey. If you want to know and explore yourself , interested with your emotional freedom and eventually aim to reach self actulising, I invite you to meet under the Tree of Life!


We do not do diagnosis or any treatment with our workshops. You can follow our event from the facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/fundaerdemir17

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