28 Haziran 2013 Cuma

Shamanic Workout Now!

As we all know the nature is under attack by the wild capitalist companies in all over the world.

Just like Avatar film!

All the elements, parts and pieces of the nature have to be awakened and invited for the freedom fight on the earth!

You can give a hug to giant trees or all the trees in your territory and say " I love you Thank you for your being and please forgive us"...

Similarly you can tell these words to the water in shape of sea, ocean,river, lake...Please see Dr Emoto's studies about water!

And surely mountains have to be awakened in this way!

The ancient knowledge will be awakened in them!

This is a shamanic workout and all we can take part in it!

It is time to choose whether we are protector or destroyer...

The earth will response to us according to our choice...

It is an urgent call!

With love

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