25 Eylül 2016 Pazar

Language of the Heart (NVC)

We all know peace within reflects outside and create peace around us.

Well I recently met Non Violent Communication (NVC)  concept founded by Mr Marshall B. Rosenberg whom was an American psychologist.

As I started to read his books and watched his videos than I realize how we  got stuck in our relations?

Relation with ourselves  as a begining, family , friends, private relations, children , colleaques...Beleive me the list is very long!

Simply our minds were  always active for evaluating things and/or people  and/or evidence for whether they are right or  wrong  / good or bad / normal or abnormal / acceptable or not acceptable etc...Just like there was check list in our  mind.. Guess how was this check list created?

Than  ofcourse we would have no chance for a kind and tender relation within and without...

How we treat ourselves we treat others infact.

I beleive if this method introduced to people in the schools (there are already schools in several countries) , univercities , companies , in any organizational structures all over the world (even in UN ) so that this  new way of communication would be the real solution for the better understanding, communication, unity, harmony and eventually peace!

Let us  imagine all people speak to each other with  the language of heart in all over the world one day!

Here I will let you watch&listen  Mr Rosenberg...

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